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Features information on nine subjects: astronomy, birding, comics and action figures, diecast, models, radio control, rocketry, trains, and tools and supplies. This week the new Teen Zeen section opens on the site; it's geared to the young person interested in starting a hobby.

Disney Online

This site probebly needs no introduction, but you should take a look at what they have done for summer. The virtual theme park is quite a thrill ride. The "entrance" at the home page leads to six different "neighborhoods" that you'll recognize if you have been anywhere in the disney world. Each area offers something for family members. There are lots of fun games at the site, and plenty of shopping, but lots of learning to be done as well. So go there and have fun!

Internet Public Library

This is a wounderful vacation site, and not just for reading. It's a gold mine of good content, including teen-written book reviews and kids-targeted story books. 

CNN: Korea at 50

"once unified, korea has been devided for more than five decades- first by the victors of World War II, then by a three year war that left a scar known as the Demiliterized Zone, or DMZ, across the peninsula at the 38th parallel." This comprehensive CNN special includes features on both South and North korea, a look back at the Korean war and fabulous educational interactive features. My   favorite is the click-and-drag Geography Game.

Korea for Kids

Creeated as a companion site to the Australian textbook. " Inside King Sejong's Gate," Korea for kids offers three interactive activities. The Counting Quiz, the Word Quiz, and my favorite the Virtual Journey. " If we traveled by plane from Australia, it would take about 10 hours to reach South Korea or the Republic of Korea. So don't be impatient if the computer seems slow. It is still much quicker than taking the actual flight.

South Korea

"Korea is a beautiful country with a history of over 5,000 years. It is hard as an American to comprehend a culture that has lasted that long when oour history as a country only goes back a few hundred years." This reference site is a great introduction to South Korea, and a good starting place for researching school reports.


Canyon View Students win With Web site:

        Students from Canyon View Elementary School in Rancho Penasquitos have created what they call the " most happenin' (Web) site for readers and writers this side of the solar system" and won the top honors in a national competition.

        The six fifth-graders' Web site, called Write on Reader, was one of the five to win a platinum award in the national ThinkQuest Jr. Web Site contest. The third annual contest attracted more than 600 entries, and each team worked for months to research, write and create sites on educational topics.

        On the Canyon View students' site, characters named Penny Pencil and Buster Book guide kids to pages explaining how books are published, outlining the writing process and suggesting ways kids can have their writing published. The site also features interviews with writers and reviews of books the students read recently.

        The Canyon View team included students Ben Cannon, So Yeon Choe, Scott Lingner, Elizabeth McDowell, Caitlin Peterson and Holeh Zargarian and teacher Mary Jo Spehar. Each student won $1,000, Spehar won $2,000, and school won $1,000 for the winning entry.

    The classroom-based competition for 7students in fourth to sixth grade is sponsored by the nonprofit Advanced Network & Services. The company also runs a Web site contest for high school students. The Winning site can be viewed by Clicking Here.