Liking the work: How important is the intrinsic value of the work to you?

Social Service: Working for the benefit of society.

Intellectual: Solving complex questions requiring thought, applying concepts, and knowledge to problems.

Variety: Being engaged in many different activities or problems.

Creative: Initiating new idea or product.

Security: Knowing the job will last.

Promotion: Ability to move up in position, in responsibility, and in income.

Flexible Hours: Choosing time of day or working part time.

Distance from Home:
Travel time.

Independent: Planning own work activities, being free to change procedures.

Vacation Time: Time off to pursue leisure activities.

Writing: Learning a process and writing it for others to understand.

High Job Demand: Do you work a job that is in high demand or are you willing to hustle to find a job?

Recognition: Being known by many people; recurring respect from others.

Financial Income: Receiving high income.

Pleasant Physical Surroundings

Marking a product or doing work which results in something useable.

Adventure: Doing exciting activities in new or uncertain situations.


Leadership: Influencing others being a leader, making decisions.

Orderliness: Following set procedures, doing well ordered repetitive routines.

Producing something aesthetically pleasing to the physical senses.

Power: Feeling of power on the job.

Like competing on the job.

Physical Performance: Doing physical tasks which require precision and coordination.


CAREER PRIORITIES...............

What are your Career Priorities?
Arrange the boxes in the order of importance for you.
Use your mouse to put the curser on a box, hold your left mouse button down and drag the box. Keep changing the order of the boxes until you have your six priorities at the top. Print out your list and consider your top priorities when you are making your career choice.