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Giant Schnoodles & LabraSchnoodles of Joy

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LabraSchnoodle Puppies Available Now caringpro@gmail.com or Call Joy 858 576 2273

We are in San Diego But We Are Good At Bringing New Families Together. Even Private Planes Sometimes!

SuperBowl & PuppyLove

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The LabraSchnoodle Puppies were Born Christmas 2013. Mama a Giant Schnoodle. Daddy a Golden Lab. They are Potty Trained, Gentle, Loving, Intelligent & Easily Trained. Some are Available for Service & Some for Pets. The LabraSchnoodles are Specially Priced at Half Off. Puppy Parents get a Free Seminar on Training. Potty Training Book Written by Joy is available $29.95. Special Teeth Cleaning Pumice Bones invented by Joy are Available, just ask. Free training Advice is Available to Puppy Parents for the Full Lifetime of Your Dog.I Start Training the Puppies As Soon as Their Eyes Open. Pets Get the Same Special Training as Service Dogs. The Most Important Thing to Me is a Great Home. So if Finances are a Problem, Talk to Joy About Options. caringpro@gmail.com or call 858 576 2273

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Ruby Rose



A Note From Joy

I have written this to tell you a little about my dogs and myself. My name is Joy de la Ren, I live in San Diego. I have been involved with training and breeding dogs and horses for over 40 years. I no longer have horses. I used to show, breed and sled samoyeds, then I bred standard poodles. I am presently involved in training for carting, doggy dancing, canine freestyle and wheelchair pulling, service dogs. I teach obedience to music, doggy dancing and do poodle rescue for the county of San Diego.

I am very excited about the arrival of my Giant Schnoodles of Joy. The puppy's fur is so shiny, you can almost see your face in their coats. The female is a white standard poodle. She is very laid back. She is a service dog, pulls a wheelchair, a fully trained driving cart dog and she also dances in canine freestyle. The male is a beautiful Giant Schnauzer, also laid back and lovable. He is an AKC champion and does agility. I bred these puppies for myself for carting, dancing, agility and service. I have done a great deal of genetic testing to get the best possible puppies. I have tested hips: the male is good, the female is good and her parents are both good. I have tested eyes, thyroid, heart. All are perfect. I also have additional tests on the parents of the female and some of the relatives of the male. Both dogs are AKC registered. Papers and health papers are availble upon request.

I offer a 2 year guarantee for genetic defects and a 26 month guarantee for hip dysplasia. I have done my best to produce a dysplasia free dog. Current research shows that obese dogs increases their risk of getting hip dysplasia by 50%. Please do you best to raise a dysplasia free dog by keeping your dog at a healthy weight. I will not warrantee hips on a dog that is more than 25% overweight or underweight. Please love your dog enough to keep him/her at a healthy weight. If, despite keeping your dog at a healthy weight, dysplasia or a genetic defect occurs within the above time periods, I will pay up to $500 toward veterinary expenses, minus any rebates, to help re mediate your dog's problem.

All puppies will be wormed, vaccinated, have their dew claws removed, and be vet checked. Before they leave my home. These puppies are raised in my home and are my only litter so they get all my attention. They are fully socialized. I cuddle and talk to them every day since birth. As a trainer, I will be working with them as they get older to get them started on basic housebreaking, crating and obedience. These puppies are human imprinted They are with a human 24/7 from the moment of birth. This is why they are so human oriented.

It is always nice to pick you pup up in person. Sometimes this just can't be done. I am happy to assist in shipping your pup The shipping is at the owner's expense and the shipping prices vary. The interstate health certificate is about $60, the kennel about $30 and the shipping usually under $300. Your pup would be leaving from the San Diego Airport. If you choose, I will also make attempts to have the puppy couriered under the seat on a plane with a trustworthy person who may be traveling to your area. If you choose to ship your puppy, you may want to contact your local airport cargo department. hey should be able to give you a more accurate price for shipping your pup, which should be under 20 lbs.

This is a Standard Poodle - Giant Schnauzer Hybrid

This is a new breed being developed for special purposes:


For people with allergies: Both the poodle and the Giant Schnauzer are non shedding dogs. We should produce a non shedding, hypoallergenic puppy, who will also make a wonderful family pet for a family with allergies.


The Giant Schnoodle of Joy will also make a wonderful carting dog or do any sport that active people enjoy. They will run with horses, chase frisbees, do flyball, herd, do canine freestyle or do agility. The Giant Schnauzer sire of this litter is an agility dog. The mother is a service dog, pulls a wheelchair, pulls a dog cart and does doggy dancing.


Giant Schnoodle of Joy as a service dog: With the trainability of the poodle and the strength and durability of the Giant Schnauzer, s/he may pull a wheelchair for many hours in the heat. With most other breeds the person using the wheelchair's activities are restricted by the endurance of the dog.


Both the mother and father of these litters are good with children, although small children should always be watched when they are around a dog. The dog may inadvertently knock them over. A kiss can turn into a tumble.

If you are interested in a Giant Schnoodle, or a LabraSchnoodle, Pet or Service Dog, or a Service Dog for Peanut Allergies, Contact Joy at her email: caringpro@yahoo.com or call 858 576 2273

Grandma Karma & Xena Performing in the Grinch

at the Globe Theater in Balboa Park, San Diego California

dogs love disabled kids.jpg (53475 bytes)Giant Schnoodles Love Alter-Abled Kids

To See Video of the Dogs pulling Joy in a Dog Chariot plus an impromptu interview about CaringTown & the Diana Project (Service dogs for Peanut Allergies) Click on http://www.tinyurl.com/ChariotJoy